• baguaRates:
      1.Feng Shui Consult for a home upto 3200sqft ( Floor plans a must) – $600.
  •              3200-4200 sqft – $700
  •              4200 sqft and above .40 Cents per square foot.
      It includes studying the floor plans for any missing life areas, followed by a in home or virtual consult ( max 2 hours). A written report with all the suggestions is emailed in 3-4 business days. Clients can message upto a month about any questions regarding the report or implementation of any of the cures.
    • 2. Feng Shui Consult for a business: Dependends on the size of the business. ( Floor plans are a must)- upto 5000 sqft -10 hours (min). $150/hour.
  •           5000sqft and above .50 cents per sqft.
    • 3. Feng Shui Consult for a quick selling of real estate.( Floor plans are a must)- $1000.
      Enhancements will be made to attract more buyers to the property and get the property sold in 4-5 weeks or less. Clients have to pay for the enhancements.
      4.Any other Feng Shui/ Interior Decorating  related issues -$150/hr
      5.Help clients shop for the enhancements and cures- $75/hour.



  • Feng Shui Services can be useful for a lot of things:
    • Development of  Residential or Commercial Property
    • Feng Shui for Home
    • Feng Shui  for Business
    • Buying a Home
    • Selling a Home
    • Remodelling a Home or Office
  • During your consultation, we will discuss your current situation and what you would like to improve upon the most. By placing the Bagua ( Energy map) on your property.Feng Shui can address :
    • Career / Business / Life Path
    • Prosperity / Wealth / Money
    • Relationships / Love / Marriage
    • Creativity / Children / Fertility
    • Health
    • Fame / Reputation
    • Family
    • Skills / Knowledge / Wisdom
    • Helpful People / Travel

Every business and workplace is unique. As your Feng Shui consultant, I can help in a variety of areas for the business, its employees, and relationships with its vendors and customers.

For instance, areas that could be addressed are health, profitability & growth, creativity, business relationships, partnerships & investments, development of skill-sets, reputation & fame, growth, etc.

While it is important that we develop a strategy to improve the general flow of energy throughout your office, there will naturally be certain areas on which you would like to focus.

It is important to note that the use of Feng Shui to improve your business is much like the use of a road map .There is always more than one way to change the energy of a space to achieve your desired results, just as there are multiple roads that can be traveled to get to your intended destination.

    There are many problems that are not compatible with healthy Feng Shui, such as homes or businesses that are on T-intersections, front doors that open to staircase spiral staircases, front doors that align with that of a neighbor, cul-de-sacs, front and rear doors that are aligned, etc. I can help guide you on whether concerns like these can be overcome with remedies or not.


    • For any other issues get a quote: